We are on the 30th of December, just one day away from a new year. We could leave behind COVID-19 or, at least, thanks to the rapidly developed vaccines start leaving it behind. It has been indeed a very difficult year. We don’t know how our economies will recover and we might not yet discover how this virus got out so quickly. Conspiracy? Natural? What’s obvious is that humans are even more vulnerable to microorganisms than mass destruction weapons. Therefore, technology and innovation are key for the future of the economy, jobs, healthcare, and education (hey, don’t deny traditional education – and writing is still critical to neurological development).

Having said that, we have encountered many new technologies or already developed ones that just exploded and are 100% implemented because the acceleration of what was predicted to come a few years later has been consolidated in our daily personal and professional lives. We don’t believe personal meetings or even conferences and congresses will disappear but they will certainly be fewer, more efficient and specific. Furthermore, we have found that there are still running so many predictions of what will come that we decided to just illustrate what other colleges are saying. However, we will add some mystery to those propositions.

As of today’s belief and thanks (or not) to technology, ‘things are not anymore 2+2’ since the deployment and development of new features, tools, and many other gadgets come out every ‘second’ around the world. In other words, we are certain we left lots out but we are sure that automation is here to stay: https://zapier.com/blog/2020-in-review-at-zapier


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