In the past couple of years, digital sales have been in constant perfection on the cyclical internal and external process of matching various customer approaches. Even though both SDR and SALES ENABLEMENT can be acknowledged on different processes, both have something in common: the excellence of digital sales. 

Indeed, SDR does have something that we today pursue because of covid19 impact on business. We need to achieve as many as possible leads so that we have not only captured digital sales but, also brand and product awareness and ‘existence’. Existence? Yes, you heard well. We do find most of our potential customers on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and others. But, we are not alone in this: our competition is also ‘fighting’ for brand recognition. Therefore, our SDR must be well thought out, carefully planned and, most important of all, done with touch and sensitivity for our approach to customers. Remember, everyone also wants a piece of your cake. 

Basics on SDR

To sum up, in order not to repeat what someone already has said, in our opinion, the SDR components, processes and KPIs in excellence on the matter can be found in Active Campaign’s blog titled Representative (SDR):
and What the Job Is Like. However, what is most important of all and we sometimes tend to forget is that internal communication is also key to success

The SDR qualification process has two components:

  • Learning
  • Educating

When does Sales Enablement come in?

Once we get our SDR running and well-defined, Sales Enablement comes in too. Both teams in marketing and sales need to coordinate to get both the inbound and outbound efforts in good shape. In our opinion, sales enablement is the close of a 360º cycle in which inbound and outbound campaigns need to be brought together to get good quality leads, content, qualified leads, know more about our customers in-depth, etc. 

Depending on the organisation, many stakeholders need to be well coordinated to get a well-executed plan:


We have found this article in Hubspot, which we particularly like: https://www.hubspot.com/sales-enablement

In our part II on the matter, we can bring more concrete action plans and conclusions on those two disciplines.  


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