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I wrote an article encouraging many to post their professional email on LinkedIn.

Specifically, it was titled, “Why do we love it when you make your professional email public on LinkedIn? … And why not, you should too! “. Once we have the essential data that matters to us or that at least makes it possible for us to communicate with others (in this case, professional email), what are the most important aspects that we must take into account when we want to address them?

First of all, think about what you want to write and, therefore, communicate. Without a message, there is no attention; if there is no attention, the creativity and effort you put into your email are of little use. Now, maybe some of you must be thinking, have you forgotten something? Sure, my message and your creativity must be accompanied by a basic element: who do I want to read my message? We must define or map our message. That is to say, the first thing that we must cross are the elements that I want to communicate and the people to whom I address my message are interested in what they are reading. Therefore, I will make sure that the message matches the target audience. If my message, say for example is about lambs, I will not send that message to those who want to know about bulls.

When we want to sell our product or service, the ego that we have inside comes out. Me, myself & I. Well… no !!! Of course, we must be very clear and describe our product and/or service as well as possible, but it has to have a double direction. We must bring a benefit to whoever receives our message if not Kaputt. Therefore, our message must have a double game: benefit for sender and receiver.

Everything that I have previously exposed seems very basic, but the raw message is still difficult for us to work with. Remember that the important thing is quality and not quantity. If we aim to achieve quality sales that can bring real value to our sales targets, then we are also attacking our reputation.

If we shoot too much without thinking, then it is no longer of much use and that lead may lose interest in our product and/or service. But if we shoot correctly, we open a very high sales opportunity. And if it is not now, the lead may become nurturing. That means that we can build loyalty with our potential client by just firing a very well-segmented first email/message. We open the possibility of maintaining our sales door so that we continue to deal with more products, services and, more importantly, knowledge of our environment.

Therefore, what are the benefits of being able to segment our message well?

  • Build a good DB: get your message well segmented, you make your reputation stand and the DB you are developing grows day by day because you are getting the message that matters!
  • Generate sales: if you identify your target target well, then you are polishing your sales funnel well and you are opening the flow of that funnel more.
  • Keep our sales expectations high: if the message you transmit not only speaks of you but also brings a benefit and transmits knowledge of the business in which you operate, then you have captured the interest of the target audience you are addressing.

Before I talk about mapping, well, “developing” your buyer persona will be a fundamental exercise for the creation of content, product design, follow-up of leads, sales and any other activity that is related to the acquisition and retention of customers. But, for this, I hope you can read my next post. Have a nice day!


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