Some hints on account selling

Selling today is more complex than before. It is not only technology but savvy communication on the difference and the advantages your product provides. Furthermore, one of the key points of the process: is the complex sale is one in which the approval of several people is required for the sale to be carried out.

We usually get stuck in our sales funnel for various reasons, but it always resides in the maturation of the sales cycle of our product, however simple it may be. One of the main challenges we face is how to manage it when some of our potential clients are large companies. Because large companies have complex decision processes due to their decision-making operations, we must be skilled in how we can manage these types of clients.

Well, based on the experienced account management and managers at Ellipsis Technologies, there are some hints of how we can solve this type of funnel. As said in the previous paragraph, the shock of the future relies on many factors: changes in the market, technology, product line, strategy, our competitive position, the economy or others, creating uncertainty. Therein lies the challenge of our strategy.

In addition to the approaches that we must take to solve it, no matter how much you get where you are today, it is no longer enough to keep you there. In complex selling, a good TACTICAL PLAN is only as good as the STRATEGY that led to it. Currently, you can only be successful in sales if you know what you are doing and why:

  • Study the current position concerning the future relationship and specific sales goals (measurable long-term goals). Know purchasing influences and positioning of the competition. Collect company information.
  • Analyse alternative positions (to increase the probability of success). Reposition yourself to increase your chances of success.
  • Determine which alternative position best guarantees our objective and draw up an action plan
  • Put the tactical plan into practice
  • Determine position and identify relevant changes
  • Assign +/- signs to these changes (factors that help or hinder our objective)
  • Define the current sales objective: it must be SIMPLE and MEASURABLE
  • Check our current position: avoid “euphoria-panic” extremes (extremes are often accompanied by a lack of realism)
  • Analyse alternative positions

With all these elements, we must not only draw our sales strategy but also stretch our creativity to the maximum to be able to explain to our target audience in different ways the benefits of our products and/or services to better expose the competitive advantages it offers. Today, sales must be accompanied by our skills as salespeople in how to be able to make a well-drawn approach that transmits the value contribution of our services and/or products.


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